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Premier Manufacturer of Specialized Infrared Lamps and Creator of Innovative IR Sources and Infrared Emitters.

We manufacture a wide range of infrared lamps primarily for the OEM market. Our products are used in near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy, non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) gas detectors for medical and industrial applications including: CO, CO2, alcohol, hydrocarbon and other noxious gases, thermal reference calibration, thermal markers, thermal beacons, and many other applications.

Our products include PULSABLE sources utilizing tungsten and Nichrome (NiCr) and STEADY STATE sources utilizing Kanthal and NiCr filaments. All are constructed in industry standard TO-8 sized packages with gold plated parabolic reflectors to enhance output in the near infrared. Additional products are being developed. We welcome your requests with specialized requirements to meet your needs.

Filament Technology

Helioworks has developed state-of-the-art incandescent IR sources utilizing tungsten filaments for high temperature, stable, and long life operation. Pulsable versions feature large temperature modulation at elevated frequency. We have broad capability in the design of steady state and pulsable sources utilizing both tungsten and Kanthal filaments.

Tungsten filaments are used in most common incandescent light bulbs but these have glass envelopes that do not transmit infrared in quantity. Tungsten achieves the highest temperature and power of any practical material and is therefore a valuable source of infrared emission at longer wavelengths. However, to make a source of intense infrared emission using tungsten, one must use another protective window and we have chosen sapphire because of its high transmission in the near infrared. The uniqueness of our product is the integration of the sapphire window with the tungsten filament. This allows high power transmission in the near infrared.

Key Features
  • Pulse or steady state
  • Long term stability
  • Desirable signal-to-noise ratio
  • Large temperature modulation, deltaT, in pulse mode
  • Latest technology in packaging and window options

Another innovation these sources have is an internal gold plated parabolic
reflector. Gold has a very high reflectance in the near infrared. This reflectance is several percent greater than polished aluminum which is typically used in conventional infrared sources.

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